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Founded as Schoeller Stahlwerke in 1862, SBN is today the world market leader with whom Christof Group manufactures high-quality high-pressure equipment for urea and ammonia synthesis as well as high-quality critical process equipment for the fertilizer, chemical and petrochemical industries. With more than 200 high-quality heat exchangers and reactors delivered for urea and ammonia synthesis since 2000, SBN spearheads the fertilizer industry.

Key Highlights

High Pressure Equipment Engineering - Christof Group
We ensure a regular heartbeat
SBN sets the pace with advanced skills and technologies to give customers an edge. Increased production speeds and significantly reduced plant throughput times ensure maximum productivity. Top quality high-pressure equipment and seamless integration with existing systems reduces project risks and provides long-term investment security.

The goal for the latest generation of critical process equipment for tomorrow’s urea and ammonia plants: ensuring a regular heartbeat.

High Pressure Stripper - Christof Group
The Safurex® and Stamicarbon connection
Having pioneered the extensive use of Safurex®, Christof Group’s specialist and strategic partner of Stamicarbon excels with key material knowledge and unmatched welding skills. In 2019, the first high-pressure stripper was fabricated out of the brand new Safurex® Star and Safurex® Degree materials. High-pressure equipment made with these materials is extremely durable and key to achieving an optimal performance and a maximum lifespan in urea plants.
We repair the “unrepairable”
The situation was critical, the solution creative. In 2016, the unique repair of a pool condenser tubesheet severely damaged by flow-accelerated corrosion not only averted the threat of a significant loss of production in a urea plant, it also set new standards for mastering such highly delicate repairs.

In tandem with Stamicarbon, SBN devised a unique game plan to temporarily restore full operation to the client’s plant in China.


Total equipment delivered:
More than 400
since 1970
Total countries supplied:
since 1970
Longest/Heaviest equipment constructed:
Pool Reactor
with 450 tons
Shortest delivery time:
6 months
for an HP Scrubber
Size of production area:
24,490 m²
Annual production hours:
180,000 h

Special materials handled (within 1 year)

400 tons Safurex®
50 tons 25.22.2
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Inner Bore Welding
No gaps, no leakages. Products from SBN are known to be resistant in even the most corrosive environments. Inner bore welding makes it possible. It ensures a gap-free connection between tube and tubesheet.
Multilayer Designs
High pressures, large dimensions, yet light in weight and on the pocket. Multilayer designs from SBN are often the preferred choice. To ensure even more safety, strength and stability, SBN welds thin layers of different materials to fabricate a pressure vessel shell with unique properties.
Equipment Optimization
Innovative and efficient state-of-the-art technologies are incorporated in the high-pressure equipment SBN designs and manufactures for the fertilizer and petrochemical industries. Well-established, close working relationships with technical universities, process licensors, consultants and material producers make this possible. Together with the latest design and calculation methods, including finite element analysis and a special design data management system, SBN sets the pace in this sector.
Digital X-Ray Testing
In 2019, SBN introduced the novel digital x-ray method to test welding seams and further boost its top-quality production and project documentation. It’s quick and accurate. It saves time and money. Once digital test images are uploaded into the iCloud and SBN has granted access rights, clients can view the digital images at their leisure from anywhere in the world.
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